March 27th 2022

The BrainRace is more than just a physical test, and while speed and endurance may play a role in your team’s strategy, each pair must plan carefully to utilise strengths and maximise efficiency!

The Key is Time

The key component of the BrainRace is time: teams will be rewarded for finishing quickly, however there will be time bonuses available based on the optional completion of intellectual puzzles and challenges. These puzzles will vary in difficulty, allowing each team to decide upon a unique strategy dependent on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

27th March 2022
09:00 – 16:00 – Select your start-time and begin planning your strategy.

The Race

The BrainRace is a Fastest-to-Finish event that will incorporate bonuses based on additional challenges completed.

As a pair you will be required to travel 10-12km between you, although you may choose to travel significantly further in order to achieve the optimal score!

£90 per pair

The Brains

During this event, pairs will be timed over a non-linear course, with a series of additional intellectual challenges available which (depending on the agreed strategy) may result in big time deductions from their stage finish time.

How do you balance your physical and intellectual IQ to devise the optimal strategy?

The Brawn

Speed is of the essence as you complete our physically challenging course. With 10-12km minimum of mixed terrain to cover as a pair, how will you break up the physical component?

Are you willing to confront additional challenge, push further in support your partner, and take on the optimal route for the best possible score?