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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring

Smartphone and BrainRace App

To take part in the BrainRace you will need to download our BrainRace App on your smartphone, and ensure you have enough battery for the duration of the event.

Clothing & Gear

Sports clothes and gear – a change of footwear are recommended.


While your stage time will be recorded through the app, you may wish to bring a watch with a stopwatch function to help synchronise timings with your partner.

Pen and Paper

We highly recommend bringing a pen and paper to help with solving some of the puzzles – some are more fiendish than others.


Bring suitable waterproofs – just in case. It is Britain, don’t forget!

Your Partner

Don’t forget your partner! You’ll need to sign up in pairs so make sure they are available too.

One more thing...

Enthusiasm, energy and a good attitude (lots of it)!

What we provide


Secure car parking is provided on site at Cannock Chase Forest

Food Shops

Food and drink will be available at the onsite café.


Toilets are provided at the start/finish area.

BrainRace App

Our BrainRace App is free to download and will provide a range of important hints and tips about the event

Course & Puzzles

Course and puzzles designed by our expert Course Design team. Clear route signage and well-informed marshals.


We have an official event photography team to capture your BrainRace experience at its best.

Mobile Medic

Our Mobile Medics are on-site and on-call should you require their attention.


What is the cost of entry?

Entry cost is £42 per pair

There are so many adventure races out there, what makes the BrainRace different?

No other event will test the brain and the brawn like we do. The BrainRace is a fully inclusive and unique opportunity to push your pair’s relationship to new levels while testing both physical and mental capacity!

Being able to compete with a friend or partner who may have different physical capabilities but offer other attributes such as puzzle solving, is unique and opens up the event to a much wider demographic so choose your pair wisely and make sure your skills complement each other. Unlike other ‘shared races’ that are just ‘A-to-B’ with the BrainRace, you’ll share a truly collaborative and shared experience and both come out of it having had an amazing and rewarding experience. 

What can I expect from the event?

The BrainRace will contain a mixture of planning an optimum route around the forest and deciding with your partner whether to take on the easy or the hard puzzles as you collect your time bonuses to give you the best possible score. Do you stay together or work separately?
The location Start will be at the Cannock Chase Forest. There is ample car parking on-site.

How fit do I need to be?

The BrainRace is open to everyone, and while some pairs will be racing round the course, and running some significant distances, do not let your fitness level deter you. Whether you walk, jog, or run, this a a fantastic opportunity to get outside, be active, and uncover your physical and mental potential!

What food will be provided?

Food and drink will be available at the onsite café.

How is the winning pair decided?

The winning pair will be decided by those with the best overall score which will be a  mix of your ability to plan your route, solve puzzles and synchronise with your partner. BUT it is not just about the winning, your score will become a target for you to beat in future BrainRaces.

Sounds fab…last question, how do I sign up?

Choose your partner wisely, sign up now and start counting down to the BrainRace!

Any more questions