Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring

Pre and post event accommodation

Accommodation is available upon request for the 10th and/or 11th July.

£49.50 per person per night

Includes single ensuite B&B

Please send us an email for booking information

Clothing & Gear

Sports clothes and gear – a change of footwear and clean underwear are recommended.


You will need to bring a watch with a stopwatch function – each stage will be timed, however it will be important for you to keep track of your own stage duration.


Bring suitable waterproofs – just in case. It is Britain, don’t forget!

Your Partner

Don’t forget your partner! You’ll need to sign up in pairs so make sure they are available too.

One more thing...

Enthusiasm, energy and a good attitude (lots of it)!

What we provide

Parking and storage

Secure car parking is provided on site and safe storage units are available for your personal possessions.

T-Shirts & Number Cards

An event T-Shirt per person and a laminated number that will be worn throughout the event.

Food Shops

Onsite food outlets & tuck shop.


Toilets are provided at base camp and on the route.

Drinking water

Clean drinking water points are available for your convenience.

Electronic Tracker

Electronic wristband to track your performance.

Course & Puzzles

Course and puzzles designed by our expert Course Design team. Clear route signage and well-informed marshals.


We have an official event photography team to capture your BrainRace experience at its best (and worst!).

Mobile Medic

Our Mobile Medics are on-site and on-call should you require their attention.

Finishers Medal

Yes! a wonderful BrainRace 2020 medal for all finishers.


What is the cost of entry?

Entry cost is £138 per pair – 50% discount is available if signing up with an NHS worker as a partner!

There are so many adventure races out there, what makes the BrainRace different?

No other adventure challenge tests the brain and the brawn like we do. No other event will push you and your pair’s relationship to new levels and combine intelligent mental tasks with the short, sharp experience of an adventure race.

Being able to compete with a friend or partner who may have different physical capabilities but offer other attributes such as puzzle solving, is unique and opens up the event to a much wider demographic so choose your pair wisely and make sure your skills complement each other. Unlike other ‘shared races’ that are just ‘A-to-B’ with the BrainRace, you’ll share a truly collaborative and shared experience and both come out of it having had an amazing and rewarding experience. 

What can I expect from the event?

In order to maintain the element of surprise and adrenaline, the exact event details will only be revealed on the day you arrive at ‘Basecamp’ in Lancaster University. However, as a guide, you can expect a mixture of running and other exciting challenges designed to test your intelligence and physical fitness. 

How fit do I need to be?

As you might have noticed by our name, the great thing about the BrainRace is that you don’t have to be a super gym-head or ultra-marathon runner to be able to participate or indeed, to win! You just have to combine sharp intellect with a decent level of physical fitness and you’ll be fine. 

What about COVID-19 restrictions?

The BrainRace will not include a “Mass-Start”, this will help ensure the event adhere’s to anticipated social distancing rules.

Also, in the event that we are not able to run the BrainRace for “whatever” reason including government restriction, we will give the option of immediate refund or transfer to the next event.

So how do you define a ‘decent level of physical fitness?’

Put it this way, if you’re able to do a 5km park run or cycle, then you’ll be absolutely fine. Anything above this will be a bonus.

Great, so is there any cycling involved?

No, there won’t be any cycling as the focus is on how you perform as a pair and it’s actually quite tough to ride a tandem!

What food will be provided?

We’ll have a designated on-site food area with food trucks offering meat, vegetarian and vegan options. On top of this, we’ll have a designated tuck shop available throughout the event where you can get everything from snacks to drinks, fruit and much more.

How is the winning pair decided?

As with our UK Challenge concept, the currency for the event is time. The pair with the lowest overall time (including bonus time deductions) across all stages will be crowned the BrainRace champions 2020!

We will be announcing best male pair, best female pair, and best mixed pair (alongside whichever one of those is the overall winner).

Sounds fab…last question, how do I sign up?

Choose your partner wisely, sign up now and start counting down to the BrainRace!

Any more questions